What First Responders Need to Know

There are many important questions that police, fireman, paramedics, and emergency room staff need to know to treat you properly, and all of them have already been trained to look for your relevant information. Wouldn't it be nice if it was all in one convenient location? They need to know relevant information such as:


• Who are your emergency contacts that need to be notified?
• What medications are you currently taking and their dosages?
• Do you have any food, drug, or other allergies?
• Do you have any medical conditions (asthma, diabetes, etc.)?
• Do you have health or medical insurance?
• Who are your doctors?



The Solution

We have created solutions for these and other PHR issues for individuals and companies that want to protect themselves or their employees from delays in providing vital information in times of emergencies.

Our product offers private and secure medical and emergency data storage in an online database through PHRfile.com that uses top-tier security measures and provides emergency responders and medical staff with only the information that you decide should be provided in the event of an emergency. With a fully customizable PHR template in a widely accepted format, our product can truly represent you when you cannot.