What is PHR?

A PHR (Personal Health Record) is a secure, confidential, easy to use electronic data storage product that can help you manage your health information.


Until Now, there has not been an international and centralized location to store all your medical data for emergency responders and have it available 24/7/365 anywhere in the world. Currently, your health information is scattered across many different doctors, providers, and facilities. Doctors retire or move, there is a change in a person's insurance and/or healthcare provider(s), families relocate, families travel and have accidents, etc.


With our PHR service, you can have all of your information, conveniently stored in one central secure location and have it accessible via multiple applications, from any place in the world, any time.


Remember, you are ultimately responsible for making decisions about your health. Our PHR product can help you accomplish that potentially lifesaving goal.