Compile and store:


• Basic Information

• Emergency Contacts

• Allergies

• Medical Conditions

• Medical Procedures

• Medications


• Doctor's Information

• Immunizations

• Medical Test Records

• Family History & Risk Factors

• Special Instructions

• Appointment Scheduling


Predator Protection


Convicted sex offenders reside in everyone’s community and it’s very
difficult for the average person to know when a new registered sex offender
moves into your neighborhood. After a horrendous crime, how often have
you heard how shocked everyone was when they realized the perpetrator
was a registered sex offender.PHR Service’s Registered Sex Offender Radius
Search allows you to search for registered sex offenders using a zip code or

Missing Person Alert


When a loved-one goes missing, most people aren’t prepared. In the midst
of mental anguish and confusion critical time is wasted in compiling the
required information one would need to give to law enforcement. Imagine
how long it would take you to find the right photo, create a description and
then how long it would take authorities to digitally prepare and disseminate
information. PHR Service can instantly create a missing person flyer
containing identifying information and description from your PHR file.
Through PHR Service's one-click processing, this information can be instantly
sent electronically to police and Amber/Senior alert assessment centers.



• State-of-the art security in place
• Protected by top-tier data center
• Data center is SaaS-70 and HIPPA Compliant
• All data is at least 256-bit encrypted
• Instant email alert when your file is accessed
• No financial data is stored