Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain copies of my health record?
Contact your doctor's office, the health information management, or medical records staff at each facility where you received treatment. Find out if your provider has his/her own plan for helping patients to create personal health records (PHRs). Ask if your records are in an electronic format that you can access yourself, or if you need to request that they make copies for you. Also, ask your physician or health information management professional to help you determine which parts of your record you need. If you want medical records kept by your health plan, give your doctor access to your myICEShield ICE Health Record file.

Am I required to pay for my health records?
Your health care provider should not charge you at the time of using their service, however, once you have left their facility, your healthcare provider is allowed to charge a nominal fee for copies of your health record. The fee should only include the cost of copying (including supplies and labor), as well as postage if you request the copy to be mailed. If you request an explanation of this information, you may also be charged a fee for its preparation.

Can I access my ICE Health Record through my cell phone?
Yes, most smartphones with Internet browsing capabilities can access your ICE Health Record online.

How long must healthcare providers keep my records?
State regulations vary, but providers are generally required to maintain patient records for five to seven years, after which they may be destroyed.

Can I upload lab reports, x-ray reports, MRI etc.? Yes. ICE Health Record gives you the powerful ability to upload reports and connect them to a condition under your medical history. However, It is impractical to upload images as in the emergency not all first responders or doctors will have the necessary equipment to read them. The best thing to do is to upload the reports of the x-ray or MRI, etc. as they have been interpret by a licensed radiologist.