Child Personal Health Record

In the event of an injury or medical emergency a child's account could be accessed by school officials, police, firemen, paramedics, or emergency room staff who could easily find answers to the most important questions.


• How do we contact this child's parents or guardians?
• Does this child have any medical conditions?
• Does the child have any food or drug allergies?
• Is this child currently prescribed any medication?
• Is there a potential for mixing incompatible medicines?
• What is this child's basic medical history and risk factors?
• Did the parents or guardians give any special instructions?



Special Needs

There are millions of children with special needs including, but not limited to Down syndrome, Autism, ADHD, Microcephaly, Cerebral Palsy, and Epilepsy.


Their medical and physical needs vary greatly. In the event of an emergency, many cannot speak for themselves and time is of the essence in many cases.


Our ICE USB device can speak for these children and provide EMT's and/or ER doctors with all their medical needs within seconds and can also assist law enforcement with critical information to help them issue an Amber Alert within minutes if needed.